EOS New Resource Model Proposal Feedback — TokenPocket

After last year’s resource crisis, we also deeply felt that there are certain problems with the current EOS resource model, which also brought great harm to the entire EOS ecological experience. Fortunately, the problem was exposed too early, so that we can repair it in time and find a better solution.

After experiencing EIDOS, we converted the way of acquiring CPU/NET from staking to REX lease, and then evolved into a resource payment model. In terms of usage habits, as a wallet developer, we guide users to use the payment mode step by step, so that they gradually get used to the Forget Mode, and slowly forget the complicated concept of CPU/NET, which greatly reduces the barriers of using EOS.

The new EOS resource model, from the user’s point of view, allows users to change from a 30-day rent period to a more flexible period, which greatly improves the utilization rate of resources and can better meet the rental needs of more people. From the perspective of wallet developers, there is almost no impact on users who are accustomed to the Forget Mode. For users who are accustomed to staking acquisition, there is a certain learning cost, but these can be continuously educated during usage.

In general, the new resource model has greatly improved the resource utilization rate of EOS, which is helpful for ecological development.

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