AMA | 10 questions for TokenPocket on 21st June

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Thanks for the supporting for this AMA, we have received more than one hundred questions from the community, and this time we picked 10 questions that you may concern most.

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#1. What is the team size of Token Pocket?

We have about 20 members now, more than 60% are developers.

#2. How does this project make money?

DAPP ads and DAPP referrals are important parts of our income.

#3. Is TP going to launch their own exchange?

We don’t have this plan yet. We believe that decentralized trading should be an infrastructure function on the chain, and the exchange should be a dapp on the wallet.

#4. I want to know when are you planning to list TPT on other exchange?

Users can trade TPT in the following exchanges: Newdex, WhaleEx, BTEX, DEXEOS, Akdex,, Chaince, Btron, Hoo, Findex, CoinDex, TPDex, OneDex, EXShell, BQEX, EOSDAQ.

#5. Will there be a way to support custom token use and transaction features?

You can submit the token on the website, or issue a custom token by open this link on TokenPocket.(Only support the Chinese language)

#6. How a content creator can get benefited from Token Pocket?

We will launch a reward system for creators who post quality content on the article section of TokenPocket. And please contact us if you have any great idea or anything on it.

#7. What is the progress regarding the Token Pocket Desktop Wallet?

Our desktop wallet already launched and now it supports the basic function including transfer, play dapps, and instant message. In the coming versions, we will support more chains like the Telos and Worbli. Connect to the Ledger also included.

#8. What strategies apply to keep our data fully protected?

Sandbox environment operation, biometric identification, and irreversible double encryption.

#9. Have you considered support Libra?

Definitely, we will support it once the main net has launched.

#10. What is TokenPocket’s intention for the future?

Become the Android ecosystem of the blockchain world.

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