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Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day, the sky is looking blue as usual with a little bit of downpour every now and then. That said, something incredible is going on with TokenPocket and its native token called TPT.

Some few days back TokenPocket announced the launch of TPT ERC20 and man it’s going wild with different users already coming in.

If you are not familiar with TPT, it’s a native token of the wallet TokenPocket which currently have different use-case listed below

Users can already trade it on Newdex, WhaleEx and other DEX, you can read more about the TPT token here

After it launched on the ERC network, it was immediately listed on Uniswap and currently paired to ETH, this was made known via a tweet from the official TokenPocket Twitter account and also an article with steps to exchange TPT for ETH and vise-versa was written which can be read here

To clear all doubt and give users answers to questions they probably had about the token, an AMA section was created to answer all question about the token and what to expect and you can read all about it below

AMA with Marcus from TokenPocket

Question From Maz

I would like more clarity on the details of the tokenomic with what is Burnt (with burnt addy proof) and what will be burnt.


About this question, you can read more details here :

And about TPT tokenomic, At present, TPT can be used as the EOS resources fee, TP VIP fee, TP ads fee, and TP Man reward.

And we will keep using 25% of our monthly revenue to buyback the TPT token and burn it. You can always follow what’s new on our TokenPocket Wallet, we will keep announcing that monthly. And you can follow our twitter as well.

Question from Maz

What is the team holding? Structure of the whole tokenomics, please.


TokenPocket Token (TPT) is a multi-chain Token, and we issued the token on EOS first, so mainly supply is on EOS, and you can always follow this link to check the number of holders and what we hold.

about the tokenomics, you can see the above answer, thanks

Question from Crypto Fugasi

Who provided the liquidity for TPT in Uniswap? Is the team or some other investor?


The initial liquidity for TPT is provided by TokenPocket Foundation.

Question from The Morning

Is liquidity locked?


The total circulating supply is about 3.615 billion, and we will only release 100 million on Etheruem now, the rest of ERC20-TPT was locked up. In the meantime, we also locked up 100 million TPT on EOS. To ensure that, the total supply on all chains is 3.615 billion

Question from The Morning

Also, can you show us that liquidity is locked?


Absolutely. ERC-20 TPT has a circulating amount of 100 million and the remaining 5.8 billion is locked.

Question from Denzel Washington

How are there such few holders?


The holders on EOS is about 65,968. And we just released the ERC20-TPT, and we believe that with the hard work we did and will do on Etheruem, we will gain more and more holders. You can always check the number of our holders on EOS through this link:

Question from RaAres

There was no presale ? just team tokens


TokenPocket Foundation has done IBO (initial bancor offering) on EOS, and there was no presale on Etheruem. And currently, the initial liquidity is offered by the TokenPocket Foundation.

Question from Victor

What was the ico price?


TokenPocket Foundation did an IBO, and the price was 0.000538 EOS/TPT

Question from Tony Stark

How much is the total supply?


The total supply is 3.615 billion on all chains now. And mainly supply on EOS, and we will lockup the EOS-TPT if we supply tokens on other chains, for an example, we supply 100 million on Etheruem, so we lockup 100 million on EOS

Question from AP

How much of the token supply will be burnt on 00x4161725D019690a3E0de50f6bE67b07a86A9fAe1?


It depends on how many tokens we will burn next month, and we will announce that the next month. For more details, please read here :

Question from Zendetta ||| Ampleforth

Why ethererum then? If your supply is mostly on EOS? What will holders of TPT on eth get? how are they going to benefit from the tokenomics?


The benefit of ETH-TPT holders will be the same as the EOS.

  1. we will keep developing the Etheruem wallet features, and provide better UE/UX for our users.
  2. We will provide exclusive features for TPT holders.
  3. We will buyback the ETH-TPT monthly, and we will announce more details later
  4. If we have any airdrop or candies, TPT holders will get the priority to get that
  5. we will keep adding more benefits for TPT holders

Question from KimDamyun

Will the remaining supply be unlocked and if so when?


For now, we will only supply 100 million TPT token on Etheruem, for the left token, they were locked.
And to unlock or not, we will start a voting, it will be decided by all the ETH-TPT holders.

That was all on the AMA, and with few minutes left, the room was made available for follow up questions

Question from Zendetta ||| Ampleforth

Sorry I have a followup question to mine ^^^ … will there be a bridge for TPT holders on EOS, to eth.


yes, we will limit up to 50 million EOS-TPT to swap to ETH-TPT.
That means, among the total supply of 100 million TPT, the TokenPocket Foundation will only offer 50 million only, the left 50 million will be swapped by EOS-TPT holders.

Question from Maz

I think we have a difference of understanding in the meaning of ‘Lock’? May I know what do you mean that these tokens are locked? As I don’t see anything special in that addy


Locked, means it won’t be supplied

Question from Dian Adrianie Sutejda

  1. Can you tell us which TPT analytics playground use cases will be the most popular?
  2. How can it help developers in that industry?
  3. Why do you think your project needs the blockchain at all and more specifically why its own token?


  1. We are a wallet, which believes the decentralized and blockchain will change the world.
  2. And TokenPocket Token is much more like a link for users, developers, and wallet
  3. So, every holder on Etheruem is also the voter to decide whether to unlock or not

that’s another benefit for ETH-TPT holder

Question from Faiza RM Engkus

Sir, What difficulties are you faced or facing to bring partnerships or mass adoption, while blockchain seemed like a scam in the common people? How are you going through this?


Blockchain is not a scam, it should be the impression years ago.
Nowadays, JP Morgan and many other big organizations joined this industry, do you think they join to scam?

The difficulties would be, how we make it no barriers for common people and let them know that they can trust blockchain.

We used many blockchain features to reduce the barriers of entering the blockchain, and we are trying our best to reduce the concepts of blockchains. Which will help you feel like using the traditional internet product but not a blockchain product

You will find the blockchain service is so easy, but not complex.

The AMA ended with answers provided to all questions, but if you have any after reading the above, pls join our various communities to ask



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