ANN | The 15th round burn program of #TPT

According to the financial statement of the TokenPocket Foundation, the total revenue of the TP Wallet in July was 16,102 EOS, 4,025.50 of which was used to buyback 6,720,639 TPT. This amount of TPT will be burnt later with the following burn address: tpburningacc. Due to the virus outbreak, the buyback fund for this month increased by 45% compared to the last month. TPT climbed by 300% in price during the last two months.

Incubated by the TokenPockect Foundation, the decentralized synthetic asset issuance platform Organix launched its official website this month, with the first edition of white paper released, and specific OGX airdrop for TPT holders started.

Community members can earn TPT rewards by giving feedback on product bugs and suggestions through TP official Telegram group, Twitter, and campaigns. You can also apply to become a TP ambassador, participating in community construction, and earn monthly contribution TPT rewards.



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