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According to community user’s feedback, a number of scammers impersonating the official TokenPocket team in Telegram groups and other communities recently, trying to defraud community users. In order to prevent users from being deceived and causing financial losses, TokenPocket hereby releases this announcement to remind users to be aware.

Please make sure that you follow the following suggestions :

  1. The TokenPocket admin will not take the initiative to DM users, unless the user asks the admin for help;
  2. The TokenPocket admin will not charge users for any thing or ask users to transfer money to any account;
  3. The TokenPocket admin will not ask users for their private key, mnemonic phrase, or password of the wallet;
  4. Please take note of the official domain name:, other websites are phishing websites, please do not provide any information to those websites;
  5. If you have any questions, please look for the official customer service. Our WeChat customer service is TP-zhushou and our official email is Telegram users please identify the admin with the admin list in our official announcement.

We reemphasize it here: please do not provide your private key, mnemonic phrase and password to any fraudster impersonating TokenPocket admins, or transfer money to any address provided by the fraudsters. If you encounter suspicious users and websites, please contact to report

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