Announcement | TokenPocket Foundation has implemented the 20th round of TPT buyback and burn with total 7,190,918 tokens

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According to statistics from the TokenPocket Foundation, the total income of TP wallet in December 2020 is 64,431 USDT, and the funds used for buyback are 16,108 USDT, which is equivalent to a total of 7,190,918 TPT. The buyback amount will be burnt later, and the account for burning the tokens is: tpburningacc.

In December, TokenPocket updated three versions in a row, it has officially supported Heco (Huobi Ecological Chain), Polkadot and Kusama. And also supports the transaction function with ENS and FIO addresses, and launched the highly expected DApp floating feature and set up a Rebase DeFi zone, the wallet functions now are closer to the needs of DeFi users, and the product experience got further optimized.

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