Announcement | TPT dividends of November

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TokenPocket Foundation’s November token income statistics:

tpdappincome: Total 19950 EOS
bpbpbpbpbbb: Total 10567 EOS
gu2denbzgmgs: Total 11086 EOS

3 account totals 19950 + 10567 + 11086 = 41603 EOS

Excluding operating costs 18720 EOS, residual profit 22883 EOS, the percentage of token dividends is 60%, and the final token dividends are: 13730 EOS

Staking dividends have been implemented since the beginning of this month, and the dividend weight is proportional to the time and quantity. Unsecured TPT does not participate in dividends.

How to claim:

Go to [Discover] > [Finance] > [TPT Service] check it now.

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