Announcement | Trading TPT on DEXEOS

We are happy to announce that TPT has been listed on DEXEOS. So far TPT can be traded on TPDex, Newdex, BTEX, FINDEX, and DEXEOS.

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What is DEXEOS?

DEXEOS is the World Premier Decentralized Exchange on EOS, mow has completely updated to a new UI and added new features.

  • Web page loading speed is Greatly improved
  • Full UI revamp. (Mobile supported)
  • Search function added.
  • “My Account” shows your entire token status.
  • Separate tabs for Total, Available and On Order balances.
  • Bookmark function for your favorite tokens.
  • Sorting function added (by alphabet, price, volume).
  • Plus many more functions.
  • We are updating our back-end to not be affected by EOS network issues.

Learn more about TokenPocket on andmore about TPT on

How to get TokenPocket?

Download TokenPocket from App Store or Google Play

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