Beginner’s Guide: How to register and use ENS Name

What is ENS:

The Ethereum Name Service is a distributed, open and scalable naming system based on Ethereum. In general terms, ENS is the domain name system in the blockchain. ENS domain names eliminate the need for people to copy or enter lengthy blockchain addresses. (More details)

ENS Domain Name Registration:

In the previous tutorials of how to register ENS domain names, most of them used PC version to operate, which is not very friendly for mobile version users, so this tutorial uses the TokenPocket mobile wallet to demonstrate how to register ENS domain name.

1. Open TP wallet, click “Discover”, click “ENS” and select dapp “ENS Manager”; After opening the dapp, click CN/EN to switch languages (default language is English). Click the search box and enter your desired domain name to see if it is occupied (for example xiaoqi). There are some introduction about ENS in the bottom of the dapp for reference.

2. From the search results, you can see that xiaoqi.eth is available for registration. Click [xiaoqi.eth] to enter the registration page. (The upper right corner is the menu bar) The registration page is very detailed, including the term of service of this domain name and the instructions required for registration.

3. The registration process is very simple. Click on the [Request for registration] at the bottom to call up the authorization window to confirm the payment (Gas fee is different according to the ETH network congestion level), you will see a Pending prompt after payment. In the premise of smooth network can quickly confirm and move to the next step.

4. After you completed the first step, click the [Register] button in the lower right corner. After confirming that the authorization is successful, you will see the prompt of [Manage Domain Name] , click on it to check.

5. There’s a lot features in the domain name management page. What needs to be noted is the settings of [registrant] and [administrator]. You can choose Ethereum addresses to bind, which is very convenient. I set the ENS domain name according to the default binding relationship. After everything is done, let’s test whether the ENS domain name is set up successfully. Open the wallet and make a transaction, enter [Xiaoqi.eth] in the receiver’s address, and ENS will be automatically recognized and displayed. After clicking on it you will see the domain name and the corresponding receiver’s address info, meaning the registrationis is successful.

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