Claim Your ENS Token on TokenPocket

2. Enter “ENS Airdrop”, it will automatically connect with your Ethereum address. (If you were under another network’s wallet status, the wallet will pop up a reminder of switching your wallet to the Ethereum one.), then click “Get Started”. Then it will jump to the interface displays the amount of ENS airdrop you can claim. Click “Start your claim process” to proceed further

3. After that, the interface displays the detailed token information. Click “Next” after reading.

4. Once you read and “Approve” all, you will be presented with a “Sign” button.

5. The interface will now ask you to gaslessly sign the constitution that you just read, authorize the tx through TokenPocket interface, click “Confirm” to proceed.

6. Now, you must delegate your token-based votes to a member (when operating in TokenPocket, you delegate your votes to itokenpocket.eth in default), who will exercise voting power on your behalf. You can enter the ENS or Ethereum direct address. This brings us to the last step, you can now review your claim, see your delegate, and click “Claim”. Then it will pop up a new window to authorize transactions, pay the gas fees and claim your tokens! Congrats, you are now receiving your ENS tokens in TokenPocket :)



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