Crypto Weekly | A Quick Look at the Market

4 min readMar 30, 2020


Hi guys and welcome to another weekly edition of Crypto Weekly where we enlighten our users on the happenings surrounding the crypto space and how some of our favorite coins performed the last week.

While the economy is currently experiencing turmoil and gradually experiencing great changes in matters of approach concerning their day to day work style, cryptocurrency still offers a borderless and seamless method for purchasing for goods and services.



With the uncertainty going on around the digital and offline world, BTC held quite well this past few days while staying at $6k+ one of the best movement we have seen this month and the question many might ask is if $6k can be considered the new low, doing your own research is always the best answer but with bitcoin halving fast approaching, we might just see a continuous rise in the price of bitcoin, after all, it’s kind of a big deal knowing a limited supply of a particular platform will be cutting half on the entire production rate.

You can track the countdown rate here while miners reward will be reduced after the halving takes place, this also creates a more price tag on bitcoin making it a little more scarce than it already was and hence we might just see a spike in its price any time soon. That said, individuals are always advised to their own research be it the digital or offline world.



Currently trading at $130, ETH experienced a parabolic movement this past few days while many made gains from this, others saw it fit to join the hodl community and rather wait for a good profit before deciding to sell or not.

Still holding one of the top spots as it relates to Dapps running on its blockchain, ETH is definitely a coin you should keep an eye on and it also provides a good spot to earn while having fun some examples of games currently running on the Ethereum blockchain are

  • Gods unchained, a tradeable card-based game built on the Ethereum blockchain where players have to play in a PVP setting and earn cards as they level up, these cards can they be fused after meeting certain requirements which then becomes trade-able on, tokentrove, and others NFT’S market
  • Knightstory, still fairly new Knightstory is an RPG based game where you take control of up to 3 different characters, equipped with different items and pets with the aim of defeating as many bosses as possible while picking up rare materials ranging from normal to ancient. Items craft are currently tradeable on

These and many other Dapps are currently running on the Ethereum blockchain.

If you rather invest and watch your profits come in daily, weekly then you should look into some of the decentralized finance apps running on Ethereum network, Defi for short.

As usual, individuals are always advised to do their own research before investing in any platform.



Presently spot 9 on coinmarketcap the EOS coin is doing quite well for itself, with a low of $2.1 the EOS coin experienced a good trading pattern this week and while many took this as an opportunity to increase their portfolio, others saw it fit to join the EOS community and stack up on some EOS coins as well.

While ETH still holds a top spot in Dapps development, EOS is no joke and with Chain clash currently on development and presale ongoing, this just creates a more use-case for the EOS blockchain and definitely a Dapp you should look into.

This is it for this week, catch you up the same time next week.

Written by Oteme Eghele

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