Crypto Weekly | A Week Full of Surprises

Written by Oteme Eghele

Hi guys and welcome to another weekly edition of Crypto Weekly, a weekly write-up where we talk about the Crypto market performance the past week while looking at some of the latest happenings surrounding the said blockchains, at the moment, our main focus is news related to BTC, ETH, and EOS blockchain respectively but if along the week something more interesting came up, we are sure to keep our readers informed.

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With Bitcoin halving fast approaching, a gradual and slow increase in the price of Bitcoin is starting to reflect, after all, Bitcoin is a digital currency with a limited supply and the halving will be a marking of bitcoin becoming more scarce than it already was, this simply means the total amount of mineable Bitcoin will be cut half come May and thereby reducing the total minable Bitcoin available. This also brings to the fact that a day will come where there will be no more Bitcoin to mine but rather, the only way to get Bitcoin then will be to buy from users who are willing to sell at the agreed price.

Bitcoin finally climbed the $6k mark to $7k for a brief period before returning to $6700 where it currently trades as at the time of writing this article.

Are we about to see a new bull run or the bull run already began? Please leave your comment below.


As usual, ETH experience a parabolic price movement where it traded above $150 for a while and returned to its previous price at $140 where it currently trades, with that said, the Ethereum blockchain experienced some on-chain events this past week as Thesandbox game did their 3rd land presale which sold out within few days after announcing the event and I must say, it’s definitely a project you might want to look into.

You can learn more about the game here in case you missed any of the sales you can buy some of the listed lands on but probably at a higher price compared to the presale price that took place on the game itself.


EOS was not left out this week as it climbed to a new high of $2.43 after trading for $2.3 for a while and those who bought at a low price earlier, I say congrats and those who are still holding, I say congrats to you as well and hope a brighter future comes for us all.

While the celebration continues as EOS and its tokens see new price listing, EOSDT continues to prove its stability even when the market remains volatile, it continues to trade between $1 and $0.99 maintaining its stable coin feature.

TokenPocket 2 years anniversary celebration continues and currently gifting every participant who follows the rules in the below tweet a free BOS account which worth $1.

With all that said, TokenPocket started a new campaign to enlighten its users about the importance of wearing a mask and also certain incentives in place, you can read about it here

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