Crypto Weekly | Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown

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Written by Oteme Eghele

Hi guys and welcome to another weekly edition of Crypto Weekly, a weekly write-up where we talk about market performance the previous week with respect to Ethereum, Bitcoin, and EOS as well as recent developments on those blockchains and Dapps if any.

While the pandemic continues to ravage the economy as a whole, the crypto market is gradually experiencing changes and also a test of fate on how it performs in such times and so far, it has met every expectation.


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Bitcoin a decentralized digital coin, not owned or governed by anybody or entity, still continues to lead other cryptocurrencies as it stands top 1 amongst all changes with a steady and gradual increase in its price which is solely controlled by demand, supply, and fixed total supply.

With less than a month to go for Bitcoin halving to take a place, the market is gradually experiencing an upward movement and an average price of $6500 was observed this past week, with Bitcoin currently trading above $7k one can only ask if $6500 is the new low and should we be expecting a continuous upward movement or correction is just around waiting to happen. As usual, individuals are always to do their own research before investing in any platform be it digital or offline.

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Currently ranked 2nd spot on Coinmarketcap, Ethereum just like Bitcoin is a decentralized digital coin but unlike Bitcoin, it houses features like smart contracts that enable developers to run programs on the Ethereum chain providing more use case than just a means of sending money to and fro. Currently trading above $180 from its initial starting point of $150 this past week, Ethereum price just like Bitcoin is experiencing an upward movement. That said, individuals are always advised to do their own research before investing in a digital platform.

With that in mind, the use case of Ethereum as grown from just your regular blockchain to the accumulation of different types of Dapps, which includes Defi, games, finance, and many others, the use case of the Ethereum blockchain continues to grow each passing day.


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Just like BTC and ETH, the EOS coin was not left out this week as it also experienced an upward movement in its price compared to the previous price the earlier week.

The EOS blockchain continues to increase its use-case with the launch of different Dapps and also the addition of new features to currently existing Dapps running on its blockchain.


Speaking of addition, FASTECO developers of the game superhero made an announcement on their twitter handle after months of no update that holders of the token fast will be receiving dividends from GL-EOS Node

FAST Revival Plan!
All FAST holders will share dividends in a long term.

ChainZ Arena

Still on the happenings last week, ChainZ Arena made an announcement on the launch of the game ChainZ Arena come April 24th and alongside series of events to take place when the game launches, after personally taking part in some of their Beta before now, my experience is that ChainZ Arena is definitely a game you don’t want to miss, the economic and gameplay is simply remarkable and with the launch coming in 4 days, one can only wait and anticipate the newly added features and game balancing.

That is all for this week, till some other time.

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