Crypto Weekly | Bitcoin Price Dips Below $9K & ETH 2.0

Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful week with Crypto Weekly, as usual, we are going to take a quick peek and look into some of the past events that took place within the crypto sphere regards to BTC, ETH, and EOS.


Bitcoin started the week bullish with a price above $9800 maintaining its 9k range after weeks of bitcoin halving. While the world tries to bring back the economy to its previous state, bitcoin continues to prove that it can stand against all obstacles.

After weeks of successfully staying above the 9k price, a sudden and gradual decrease in its price was observed only to meet the 8900 marks and then bounced back to 9k, with many experts saying this is alts coin season, one can only wonder if a BTC dump is around the corner or a pump just waiting to happen.

That said, users are always advised to do their own research before investing in any digital asset.

Please leave your view about the next step of bitcoin below


With ETH 2.0 along the way, Ethereum is doing well for itself as it continues to stay above the $220 mark after climbing to this price some weeks back.

That said, the Ethereum community observed a strange outcome as several transactions were made with gas fees costing more than a million dollars on each occasion and different viewpoints are currently on the rise.

Many saw it as a mistake and others made reference to it been a form of fraudulent activity and money been washed via the Ethereum Blockchain, but no solid proof is yet to be made with each claim solely been a deduction from a fellow Crypto/Blockchain enthusiasts.

Some of the transactions can be seen here and each case, a total of more than 1mil dollars worth of ETH was used as transaction fee

What’s your view on this, was it a mistake or something more?


The EOS coin has seen better days but certainly not the worse as it started the previous week with a price of $2.7 only to meet a dump in price to $2.5.

That said, the community received great news over the week as started voting on block producers, an announcement of the public launch of voice platform was made and recently a popular gaming company made reference to a game currently in development and from the look of things, it seems the game will be using the EOS network.

With several games been developed on the blockchain, the EOS network was not left out, via a tweet from IGN a short clip of the upcoming game Blankos block party was released and you can easily locate the tweet here

The claim of the game been developed on the EOS blockchain was answered by John Linden the CEO of mythical games via a tweet here

From the brief writeup, a more concise article will be made as to how the EOS blockchain will be used for the upcoming game.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you see more adoption to the EOS community coming soon? Do leave your comments on this below

Until some other time, stay safe and mask-on



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