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Written by Oteme Eghele

Hi guys and welcome to another edition of Crypto Weekly, a weekly writeup that looks into the happenings around the blockchain with reference to BTC, ETH, and EOS.

Crypto Weekly is brought to you by TokenPocket, a multichain wallet that allows users to easily store different types of cryptocurrency and also a Dapp Browser to more than one blockchain, giving you mobile access to your favorites Dapps on the go.


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Already a week after its halving and bitcoin is currently experiencing a price surge with it staying above the $9k mark and climbing as each day passes.

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency which allows users to instantly pay for goods and services at a distance without the need to see physically, it is based on trust and also the immutable feature offered by it, this simply means, after transferring Bitcoin from one account to another, it can no longer be audited or reclaimed and it belongs to the new user until they decide to sell or gift out.

Why is bitcoin halving such a big thing?

Unlike fiat currency that can be printed continuously, Bitcoin can not and there is a total supply that will forever be mined and when such is achieved, the only means to get Bitcoin then will be purchasing from others currently holding this asset and halving is a marker to this becoming a reality.


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Ethereum has seen better days but like Bitcoin, it also increased over the week moving from its previous price of $180+ to a high above $200.

The Ethereum community has been active lately as the news of Eth 2.0 is gradually making headlines and also attracting the attention of different individuals, with Ethereum running on proof of work, Eth 2.0 from different articles and blogs, all say the proof of stake feature is coming to the Ethereum blockchain.

That said, different platforms are still been developed on the Ethereum blockchain, and one of such currently in development is LEAGUE OF KINGDOMS.

LEAGUE OF KINGDOMS is a blockchain-based game built on the Ethereum blockchain that will create a virtual world where players have control over how the economics fair. With the use of different tools, players will be able to own lands and develop them as they see fit or rather sell to the highest bidders.

With land presale upcoming, LEAGUE OF KINGDOMS created a mini-game where users will be able to earn different prizes via a wheel of fortune draw.


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It seems the crypto space is experiencing a surge in price as EOS moves from its starting price of $2.4 to $2.7 where it currently trades as of the time of making this post.

With no news currently worthy of the front page as of this moment, other ongoing projects on this blockchain are gradually and slowly making changes and one such blockchain is BlockBase.

BlockBase is an open-source technology that enables “service providers” to provide a service of secure distributed database storage to “service requesters” which use the service to store their databases much more securely than traditional database technology.

A few months back they announced their plan to distribute their token called BBT monthly for a consecutive period of 24 months which is 2 years but after series of consideration, the team decided to take another form of approach which hopes to bring about more audience they initially planned for.

Airdrop initially is to build a strong community and allow the good supply of a token around that community but when the community is not growing as expected, the need to make changes is required and this is what the dev behind BlockBase did.

From an official tweet from BlockBase official account says,

BlockBase is shifting from airgrabs to building network adoption! Read all about it here!

The article can be found here

What is your thought about these changes, will the adoption they seek to become a reality? or they might open the airdrop soon later? Leave your comment on this below.

This is it for this week, stay safe, and don’t forget to mask on.

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