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Hi guys and welcome to another weekly edition of Crypto Weekly, the goal still remains the same which is to enlighten and educate our users on the happenings around the Blockchain with kin focused on BTC, ETH, and the EOS Blockchain and on special occasions, we might add other news which we found quite useful from another Blockchain.

For those just joining us, Crypto Weekly is a weekly write-up which focuses on some of the hottest topics while giving a light breakdown about the crypto market the past week.


After a series of the dump which led to BTC falling below the 5k mark, glad to tell you BTC is currently trading at a price above $6k with many calling $6k the new low, some other reasons provided by individuals while surfing the internet was that the dollar is gradually seeing a decrease in its purchasing power due to the current ongoing pandemic of the Coronavirus which led to a serious economic crisis not just in the crypto space but stock, oil, and other sectors which felt it impact as well.

That said, BTC is currently gaining more audience as each day passes and speaking of audience, Newdex a decentralized exchange just recently created a cross-chain exchange making it possible for users to trade BTC as opposed to its initial setting which was EOS and its token. If you prefer trading on DEX exchange then Newdex might just be the exchange for you as it provides an easy to use trading UI and account creation is not needed but rather it operates as a Dapp via any web3 wallet which supports it listed coins example TokenPocket.


Ethereum, one of the major coin which brought different use case to the Blockchain with series of Dapps currently running on it saw a price increment climbing from its initial $120 to $140+ while uncertainty still floods the cryptocurrency market, ETH still dominates the Dapp section and as each day passes it use cases increases.

While the congestion surrounding the Ethereum network continues, TheSandBox game prepares for their 3rd land sale after the first 2 sales went on quite well and all lands were successfully sold to individuals and co-operate bodies as well. For those not familiar with TheSandBox game it is a decentralized world built on the Blockchain which hopes to provide never before seen features within the gaming industry while creating some form of incentive to landowners and also players who engage in gameplay.

A recent tweet from their official twitter account reads as

The Sandbox @TheSandboxGame
Announcing the third LAND presale, which will open its gates on March 31st!
We’ll have brand new features prepared for you and a massive partnership to be announced very soon…

Learn all the details and don’t miss out:


EOS sure has seen better days, that said it still pushes up alongside other alt-coin moving above the $2 mark to an average of $2.3 this week and currently showing a new low at $2, well the market is still uncertain and nothing is clear at this point.

With the EOS Blockchain being at it is (fast transaction speed, 0 gas fee), over time certain branch chain has been developed from it with some offering the same features as EOS and others bringing something new to the table. That said, one of the branch chains called Telos recently saw a new Dapp built on it and it’s called Angry Warlord, a mobile-based game with unique features that provides its players certain incentives to earn as they play along. Barely a month old, it has already secured a spot in Newdex where the game token called Gem is already tradeable and currently seeing a good number of daily users and transactions. We can only hope the dev team continues with this path and hope to see more features added later on.

This is all for this week Crypto Weekly, I hope to meet you guys same time come next week.

Charts were collected from a platform that provides cryptocurrency prices (past and present), alongside different features that make crypto-trading easy.

Written by Oteme Eghele

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