Crypto Weekly | Waiting for the Dawn

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Written by Oteme Eghele

Hi guys and welcome to another write up on Crypto Weekly, a weekly review that talks about BTC, ETH, and EOS market prices and also news that made the headline surrounding these Crypto space.


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BTC dumps below $9000, weeks after surging above the $9k mark for a while, the long-awaited dump happened, the $8900 price lasted for a few minutes before rebounding back to 9k, should we be expecting further dump or its all bull run now.

The above happened a week just after claims of PayPal joining this multibillion crypto industry, PayPal is currently known to be one of the fastest means of sending and receiving funds worldwide with a user cap of about 325 million users, that said, this might be one of the biggest outreach in history if it actually pulls through.

As usual, users are always advised to do their own research before investing in any digital or offline platform.


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Ethereum continues to stand tall and ever looking green with the promises of a better day as they journey to 2.0.

This is no longer new to many about the upcoming development surrounding the Ethereum crypto space, a system which initially operates on POW will be implementing a POS system, one can only imagine what features await the Ethereum community when all is done.

While we await this change, the Ethereum DApp section continues to experience a decline in usage as gas fee becomes the talk of the day, Ethereum was built to offer features that would replace or outperform Bitcoin with a community always on standby implementing different functions, unlike Bitcoin.

One of such function was the smart contract, it brought about significant change to the crypto space and with time Ethereum secured its no.2 spot as recorded by Coinmarketcapp, while this feature is great, certain performance is yet to be fully managed, an example is the extreme cost of gas which limits the daily use of DApp. To combat the high rise in gas fees, TokenPocket now comes with a new feature called Ethereum gas station that allows users to buy a low quantity of Eth via PayPal.


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After weeks of soaring around the $2.5, EOS took a hit amidst the recent dump in bitcoin dropping to a new low of $2.2 and currently hovering around the $2.3 mark.

That said, EOS is set to experience some mind-blowing events in the coming months and one of such event is Voice public launch coming July 4th, 2020. hopes to create a platform totally different from pre-existing social media with the sole aim of giving control back to the users.

Social media is rather known to be some sort of data farm these days with the data going to top bidders. With that in mind, hopes to stop this by giving users total control of their account

While we await the launch, one can only wonder if this is the spark needed to bring EOS back to its glorious date.

This is it for today, until some other time, stay safe and mask-on

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