Crypto Weekly | When Will the Mass Adoption of Crypto Comes

Editor: Oteme Eghele

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely week with Crypto Weekly and as usual, we try to bring you up to date with the happenings surrounding the crypto space with regards to Cryptocurrency prices and how the market fair the past week, so stay tuned as we take you a week back.


As usual, starting this week is Bitcoin as it continues to stay around the $9k mark with a strong support mark and the goal of $10k mark is still a dream that might happen anytime soon.

While bitcoin continues to stay above the $9k mark, it did experience shorts and long for a little while as it dumped to a low of $9091 before relocating back to it’s 9100+ and then a new week high of $9300+.

That said, the mass adoption continues and some few weeks back, Nigeria saw its first Bitcoin Automated teller machine which was launched in Lagos, Nigeria is known to be one of the highest consumers of blockchain tech in Africa alongside bitcoin and altcoin as a means of paying for online goods and services and with the introduction of a Bitcoin Atm machine, one can only guess that the adoption is about to go wide in this country.


Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum continues to stay above the $230 mark and with a week low of $231 before climbing back to $240 and finally settling around the $230+ mark.

That said, the Ethereum community continues to hope and wait for ETH 2.0 with promises of it creating faster transaction rate, lesser workload on the network and many other numerous benefits, one might say this is probably one of the news keeping Ethereum price this high after the many complaints of a high gas fee.

The DApp community continues to face difficult challenges with keeping users active due to high gas fees with regards to exporting DApp items to the blockchain, NFT to be precise. Some made several changes with the aim of cutting lost while giving users the opportunity to play the game/DApp they all love.


EOS took a drastic turn this week after dropping from a high of $2.63 to $2.48 and I must say it was one scary ride, after hours/days of battling with the new low, the coin took a sudden sharp movement up once again reaching a new week high of $2.5+ and I must say the sky is looking green.

EOS alongside other types of altcoin are currently seeing a green light with promises of a good return but as usual, the crypto market is highly volatile and users are always advised to do deep research before investing in any digital or offline platform.

With all that said, Blankos is still looking good, an upcoming game that will make use of the EOS network and probably something to bring more adoption to the EOS network, yet to familiarize yourself with it? Check their platform today here

That is all for this week until next time stays safe and mask-on.



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Crypto&DeFi Wallet on BTC, ETH, BSC, HECO, TRON, Polkadot, Kusama, Klaytn, HSC, EOS, etc. APP download link: