CryptoVegas X TokenPocket | Exclusive campaign with 33,500 VCOIN

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Event Time: Aug 27th — Aug 31st (UTC)

Participants: New players on TronVegas via TokenPocket

Total Prizes: 33,500 VCOIN

About TronVegas

TronVegas mission is to become the largest and fast-growing casino decentralized on the TRON Blockchain.

We are dedicated to solving issues with actual gambling platforms that charge high fees, delayed deposits or withdrawals and the lack of trust.



How to participate

  1. Play TronVegas on [Discover] page.
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Rank Prize

Lucky Prize

  • Claim the reward on>

Twitter Event

Telegram Event

  • Each user will get 20 VCOIN, total 1000 VCOIN.
  • TokenPocket’ telegram group >

Claim the reward on>

Start your journey of discovery

  1. Go to [Discover] > [DApps]

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