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CUSD/EOS pair is now available for trading on DEXEOS. CUSD is the first compliant, price-stable cryptocurrency that is 1-to-1 backed by fiat and available to the EOS Community.

Users can learn more about CUSD and make fiat deposits by visiting .

Or go to [Discover] > [Exchange] >[DEXEOS] trade it now.

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Carbon is pleased to announce a partnership with DEXEOS (the world’s first EOS-based decentralized exchange) in order to make our stablecoin more widely available to the EOS global community. Beginning today, DEXEOS users can find the CUSD / EOS trading pair on the exchange and available for trading.

CUSD is a compliant, price-stable cryptocurrency, that is 1-to-1 backed by fiat. Most importantly, it is also the first stablecoin to be introduced to EOS. Users can learn more about CarbonUSD and make fiat deposits by visiting or the EOS Lynx wallet.

“We are excited to partner with DEXEOS as we appreciate their unique position as the first EOS focused decentralized exchange in the market. As a company with partners from around the world, we look forward to working with their team to make trading as easy and efficient as possible for EOS users everywhere,” said Sam Trautwein, CEO and Co-Founder of Carbon.

“Carbon is an elite team with technical team members from Stanford and Ivy League universities with Computer Science backgrounds. Yet, they have a down-to-earth attitude and handle every task with high professionalism. We are delighted to have them as partners and believe that Carbon will spearhead stablecoin adoption within the EOS community,” said John Ting Li, CEO and Co-Founder of DEXEOS.

Users can find the CUSD / EOS trading pair today on the DEXEOS exchange. While users can make deposits or learn more about Carbon and CUSD at or at EOS Lynx, users can move forward with confidence knowing that deposits are stored in FDIC-insured accounts via PrimeTrust, a Nevada-based trust company and their network of qualified banking partners. Frequent third-party attestations are conducted by the auditing firm Cohen and Co.

“We want to partner with the leading voices and institutions in the EOS Community since launching our compliant stablecoin in November,” Sam Trautwein said. “DEXEOS is an obvious choice and we look forward to building value for users around the world.”

Press Contacts

David Segura John Ting Li

Carbon, Chief Operating Officer DEXEOS, Chief Executive Officer

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