【DeFi Series】 — Tutorial of mining Fan Tokens(BSC)

About Fan Tokens:

Fan Tokens is a digital currency for sports, e-sports and entertainment platforms. Socios is a blcokchain-based fans interacting and rewarding platform for sports and entertainment industry that supported by Chiliz, which allowing sport teams or other organizations to create their own fan tokens and use the fan tokens as an exchange medium within the communities.

At present, Binance New Token Mining has listed two tokens, PSG and JUV, these two tokens are the fan token of Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus. Relying on the fan base of the football club, the tokens are very popular and they are currently available for trading on Binance.

How to Fan Tokens:

These two tokens have been listed on PancakeSwap Mining Pool, users could start mining by staking the platform token CAKE. First, get into the discover page of BSC wallet in TP, click on PancakeSwap in the Recommend Section, then enter the homepage of PancakeSwap, next, click on the menu button in the upper right corner.

Enter the mining pool by selecting the third “Pools”, scroll down the page then you can find the JUV and PSG pools, currently, the APY of them is all above 200%, you can check the staking data of mining pools by clicking on Details.Take JUV Pool as an example, users need to approve the action the first time staking and mining and it costs small amount of BNB as mining fee.

After the approvement succeeded, click”+” to stake, after that, enter the staking amount of CAKE, then click Confirm, at the final step, pay a small amount of BNB as mining fees to start mining.

When there’s JUV generated, click “Harvest” to collect, and if you wanna withdraw your fund, then just click “Unstake CAKE” to withdraw your fund at any time.

Above is the mining tutorial, you could swap the mined JUV and PSG for BNB or other tokens at the PancakeSwap swapping interface, or you could withdraw them to Binance and trade there. Also if you have unstaked CAKE, you could also swap them at the PancakeSwap’s Swap page.

download TP wallet:www.tokenpocket.pro

This tutorial is only a guide to the DApp in the wallet and does not represent investment advice from TokenPocket. Investment involves risks. You must fully understand the risks and make investment decisions on your own.



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