DeFi with TokenPocket | How to Claim Your UNI with TokenPocket

2 min readSep 25, 2020

Uniswap launched its native token UNI last week and create an instant party among Uniswap holders. The smart contract of UNI is as follows: 0x1f9840a85d5aF5bf1D1762F925BDADdC4201F984

Not Every User is Eligible

According to Uniswap, 15% of the total supply of UNI, which is 150,000,000 UNI, will be distributed to liquidity providers up until 12:00, September 1, UTC based on Uniswap’s snapshots.

How to Claim Your UNI Rewards with TokenPocket

  1. Open TokenPocket, tap on [Discover] and search for [Uniswap].

2. The Claim page is simple. You just need to put your ETH recipient address and the system will automatically detect if you have UNI to claim and its amount. Tap on [Claim UNI] and grant approval. (The Gas fee is insanely high now, please make sure you offer enough Gas).

Liquid Mining in Uniswap

The first round of liquid mining program on Uniswap was launched at 12:00, Sep 18, 2020, UTC, and will last until 12:00, Nov 17, 2020, UTC. The first round includes the following four liquidity pools:


5,000,000 UNI will be allocated per pool to LPs proportional to liquidity, which roughly translates to:

  • 83,333.33 UNI per pool per day
  • 13.5 UNI UNI per pool per block

These UNI are not subject to vesting or lock up. After 30 days, governance will reach its vesting cliff and Uniswap governance will control all UNI vested to the Uniswap treasury. At this point, governance can vote to allocate UNI towards grants, strategic partnerships, governance initiatives, additional liquidity mining pools, and other programs.

You can also participate in the Uniswap liquidity mining with TokenPocket. See the following steps.




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