dYdX V2 Tutorial on TokenPocket


dYdX is the world’s leading decentralized derivatives trading platform based on Ethereum. dYdX uses an order book model and by using an “off-chain aggregation + on-chain settlement” design, the dYdX protocol aims to create an efficient, fair and trust-free financial marketplace that is not controlled by any centralized institution.

Advantages for V2:

Almost no gas cost, no miner’s fee for each transaction after the user deposits to Layer 2.

No waiting to withdraw funds from Layer 2.

Increased security and privacy through zero proof of knowledge with StarkWare’s Layer 2.

The ability to cross-use margin to improve capital utilization.

Start trading with dYdX once you have completed your deposit.

How to use:

  1. Lauch TokenPocket Wallet, click 【Discover】 or search for dydx at the top to use the application.

2. Open the DApp and can create a dYdX account through the TocketPocket wallet. Click on 【Get started】 to start creating an account, and select 【Tocket Pocket】 on the menu. After authorizing the signature, you will be redirected to the Stark key generation screen. Click 【Onboarding】, and then 【Generate Stark Key】.

3. Finish the Account Authorization by clicking 【Confirm】, then press【I agree】

4. Turn to the 【Create account】 screen, register the a new account. The first time, users need to click 【Enable USDC】 to use USDC as margin for leverage trading.

5. There are two ways to get assets, the first is 【Fast】 mode, but the fee will be higher, 【Slow】 mode, this will take longer, the specific needs of the user to choose to retrieve can be.

This tutorial is only a guide to operate the DApp on the wallet side and does not represent TokenPocket’s investment advice. Investment involves risks and you should fully understand the risks and make your own investment decisions.

About TokenPocket: https://linktr.ee/TokenPocket



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