Eth2.0 Staking Vault is officially launched, with an estimated APY of 5%-20%

There are three days before the beacon chain launch on December 1st. The launch of the beacon chain means that Eth2.0 officially opens the staking period. In order to allow more users to participate in Eth 2.0, TokenPocket Wallet officially launched the Eth2.0 staking service today.

Compared with individual-operated nodes, advantages of Eth2.0 Staking Vault :

Low threshold

Users can participate with a minimum investment of 0.1 ETH, and do not need to invest in hardware and energy to operate the node to enjoy the benefits.

Flexible exit

Users will not need to face a 1–2 years lock-up, and can withdraw at any time.TokenPocket will provide ETH withdrawal service. In the first stage, users can only withdraw their staked ETH. In the second stage, TokenPocket will adopt other ways to provide a withdrawal mechanism for staking rewards.

The platform bears the penalties

TokenPocket will take full responsibility for the slash (node penalty) caused by improper operation of the node and users need not worry.

Note: The slash(s) caused by the official ETH 2.0 node running client or official ETH 2.0 contract bug(s) ARE NOT within the scope of responsibility of TokenPocket.

The way to participate is also very simple. Users only need to use the Ethereum wallet to log in to the staking page, enter the amount of ETH they want to stake, click [Participate Now], and authorize the payment to complete the staking.

After the staking is completed, users can see their staked amount on the page, and the reward claim function will be updated later to facilitate users to check the amount of ETH staking rewards they can get daily.

What’s the amount to invest on Staking Vault ?

Each account has a minimum investment of 0.1 ETH and a maximum investment of 32,000 ETH. The initial staking amount is 32,000 ETH, and no investment will be accepted after reaching the maximum value. At that time, the official will consider increasing the investment quota, and the specific arrangements will be notified separately.

When do you start calculating staking rewards?

Your participated ETH is expected to be staked on December 5th, 2020, and revenue will start to be calculated according to the “T+1” strategy, that is, users are expected to receive the first staking reward on December 6th. The staking reward is settled at 04:00 UTC daily.

How is the staking reward calculated?

The annualized return, 5%-20%, which is estimated, and it is actually determined by the actual staking of Eth2.0 network. You can refer to the estimated table between the amount of ETH staked and the reward given by the ETH official.

What are the specific rules of the withdraw mechanism?

After the Withdraw function is online, users can only withdraw their staked ETH in the first stage. In the second phase, TokenPocket will adopt other ways to provide an withdraw mechanism for staking rewards.

The amount of ETH that is withdrawn every day is uncertain, and a certain fee is required to use the withdrawal function.

The ETH received by the end user = the amount of ETH allowed to withdraw-withdrawal handling fee-transfer GAS fee

Why are withdrawal fees and service fees charged?

Due to the staking rules of Eth2.0, each node must stake 32 ETH and lock 1–2 years. If there is a problem with the node network, there will be a penalty (a fine of ETH). Therefore, the TokenPocket platform bears potential risks, the users pay part of the staking reward to the wallet, and the wallet bears part of the staking risk, which is a win-win situation.



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