How to Create or Import a BSC Account to TokenPocket?

3 min readOct 26, 2020


  1. Go to TP Wallet website and download TP Wallet for mobile.

2. Create a new BSC wallet.

(1) Open TP Wallet on mobile. Tap on [No account] — [Binance Smart Chain] — set up your password and finish mnemonics words backup. Please read the instruction carefully.

(2) After successful mnemonics words backup, you will see a new BSC account created in your wallet. Tap on [Discover] to explore the BSC DApp world.

3. How to transfer BEP20 tokens with TokenPocket?

Select BNB or other BEP 20 tokens on BSC and tap on [Transfer]. There are three ways to transfer: normal transfer, transfer to a contact, and scan transfer. Please make sure that the recipient address and the amount are correct. Choose the Gas fee and tap on [Confirm] to complete the transaction.

4. How to import a BSC wallet to TP?

If you already have a BSC wallet, you can tap on [I have an account] — [Binance Smart Chain] to import your old BSC account by mnemonics words or private key. Or you can tap on the [wallet icon] and select [Binance Smart Chain] to import an old BSC wallet.

5. How to withdraw BEP20 tokens to TP wallet?

Go to Binance exchange and log in. [Wallet] — [Overview] — [Withdraw] — Select the token you want to transfer. Put in your TP wallet address (see where your address is in the screenshot below), select [BSC], and enter the amount. Tap on [Submit] and after verification, the BEP20 token you withdraw will arrive in your TP Wallet.

6. Distinguish between the Binance Smart Chain and Binance Chain. Binance launched the Binance Smart Chain in September. The two run in parallel and both of them adopt the local cross-chain communication mechanism. BNB functions as the common token for the two and a cross-chain bridge.

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