How to transfer assets from BSC to Polygon by xPollinate?

2 min readJun 23, 2021


We’ve introduced how to move funds from Ethereum to polygon by bridge before, and now, we will continue to make tutorial about how to move funds from BSC to Polygon by xPollinate.

About xPollinate

xPollinate supports the mutual transfer of funds among the Polygon, BSC, and xDAI, which means that users can move assets from BSC to Polygon and xDAI. Currently, only stable tokens are supported.

How to use xPollinate?

  1. Search [xPollinate] on the [Discover] page and then enter the xPollinate page, click [Connect] to connect your wallet address; (Take connecting BSC network as an example)

2. Select the mainnet that you need to transfer out/to funds; (Take cross BSC chain to Matic chain as an example here)

3. Select the token you need to transfer; (Currently, only stable tokens are supported.)

4. After approving, enter the token amount, and then the receiving token will be filled in automatically, click [Swap].

5. After entering the wallet password, your transaction will be processed. It might take some time when the chain is congested.

Note: This beta software, use at your own risk.




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