How to use Polygon (Matic) on TokenPocket?

4 min readJun 17, 2021

About Polygon (Matic)
TokenPocket has supported Polygon mainnet (previously Matic network), so users can use Polygon through TokenPocket. Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.

How to create Polygon ?
1.Open TokenPocket App, click the wallet name in the upper left corner to switch wallet, choose [Polygon], and then click [Add Wallet];

2. Click [Create], and then click [Create Wallet];

3. Set wallet name and password in order, and then tick [Terms of Service and Privacy], click [Create Wallet] to continue. Back up your mnemonic and then click [Completed Backup, Verify it]

Attention: Do not disclose mnemonic words to anyone!

4. Now, you need to fill in order your mnemonic to verify, and then click [Confirm]. At this moment, you have created Polygon (Matic) successfully !

How to use Polygon on TokenPocket ?

About Polygon Bridge If you want to move funds from Ethereum to Polygon, you must go through the so-called “bridge”, and the “bridge” works through a locking and exit mechanism. On Polygon, users can choose to use two types of bridges: Plasma Bridge and PoS Bridge. Plasma provides advanced security with plasma exit mechanism. It will take 7 days to transfer your funds back to Etnereum, while the PoS security will only take about 3 hours back to Etnereum since it is provided by the PoS validators.

We will take PoS Bridge as an example to show how to move funds from Ethereum to Polygon.

  1. Click [Discover] on the bottom of TokenPocket, and then search [Polygon Bridge];

2. Click [Polygon Bridge];

3. After entering the page, choose a wallet connecting way (Take Metamask as an example here), and then confirm the approved information, and then click [Confirm];

4. After entering the Polygon Bridge page, click [Back to Wallet];

5. Choose a token you need to move to Polygon, and then click [Deposit]; (Take depositing USDT to Polygon as an example)

6. Enter the token amount, or click [MAX] for all, and then click [Transfer] to procceed.

7. Double confirm that the transfer way is from Ethereum to Polygon, and then click [Continue];

Note: Delegation/Staking tokens are not supported.

8. Please kindly know that deposit process consists of two transactions (Approve and Complete deposit), and then click [Continue];

9. Double confirm the transfer route and mode, and then click [Continue] to procceed;

Note: Using PoS Bridge mode will take approximately 3 hours if you need to transfer your funds back to Ethereum.

10. Next step, you will enter the [Confirm Approve] page, click [Confirm] to approve. And then click [Continue] to confirm the deposit;

11. Here is the last step, after confirming the transfer information, click [Confirm] to transfer your funds and then wait patiently since the process will take a few minutes for the deposit to get completed. After completion, your balance on Polygon will be updated.

Tip: You can set the miner fee to adjust Gas Price and Gas Limit on payment page by your own preference.




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