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Today TokenPocket is introducing a significant function. We’ve been working for two weeks day and night to provide the best product and improving upon what we code. This moment, we feel like we’ve reached our first goal with TokenPocket and achieved what we set out to do, a complete function for everything EOS and best wallet in the EOS world.


After releasing our first version to the community early this year, and reviewing all the feedback, we are thrilled to introduce a full proxy integration to TokenPocket.

You can find this by click “Vote” on the first page, or go to the Dapp store on “Discover” page, then tap the icon with EOS Super Proxies.

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You are now able to explore all the proxies available in TokenPocket, and inspect their philosophy, their background, the total of EOS staked,

And much more, you can apply to be a Proxy, just tap the “Proxy Manage” button, and fill the form, then we will inform you when your application is approved.

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Through this way, people like you with enthusiastic on EOS community can do more effort on improving the EOS network.

We recommend you the eos少数派报告 for their proxies., which is a great proxy that is making incredible contributions to the EOS ecosystem. Now it has 20 voters with 21058.4101 EOS in an hour.

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Thanks EOS Mediterranean & Aloha EOS


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