IBC User Guide of TokenPocket

What is IBC

When the token information on one chain is registered to the ibc.token contract of its own chain and the other chain, the ibc system begins to accept the cross-chain transaction for this token. The ibc system supports cross-chain requirements for any number of tokens on both ends of the chain.

Cross-chain contract account

In order to ensure a unified user experience, both the EOS main network and the BOS main network will be deployed using the account bosibc.io. The user can specify the chain in memo.

How to use it with TokenPocket


Transfer Memo format:

Account name@chain name Transfer note


  • Transfer 100 EOS from the EOS main network account eosuser1 to the BOS main network bosuser2
Cleos transfer eosuser1 bosibc.io "100.0000 EOS" "bosuser2@bos This is a cross-chain transfer from EOS to BOS"
  • Transfer 100 EOS from BOS main network account bosuser2 to EOS main network eosuser1
Cleos transfer bosuser2 bosibc.io "100.0000 EOS" "eosuser1@eos This is a cross-chain transfer from BOS to EOS"


  • the minimum transfer number is 0.2 EOS/BOS
  • the maximum transfer number is 1000 EOS/BOS
  • the tps of IBC transfer is 200
  • the one-way transfer fee is 0.1 EOS/BOS
  • transfer effective time is 4–5 minutes

Refer link: IBC User Guide

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