Introducing Crypto Sword & Magic

The Very First EOS Blockbuster Game

Crypto Sword & Magic is a traditional turn-based roleplaying game operating on the EOS blockchain. We’re so excited to introduce our newest game 🎺

The game is a new version of the much loved Facebook RPG game Sword & Magic. We have incorporated blockchain into Sword & Magic, played by over 700,000 monthly users, to create an all-new EOS-based game.

Sword & Magic (Facebook)

Let’s get to know the new Crypto Sword & Magic game

The Heroes

Players must choose to be either a warrior, archer, or a sorcerer. Each class has its own unique skill tree and items, and as you advance in levels, you may choose a different class. Your game depends on the good synergy between different classes, so it’s important that you choose your hero wisely. What kind of hero are you — a warrior, archer, or sorcerer?

Heroes work together to battle monsters

The Battles

Defeat monsters on the field at each stage and claim your prize. Each encounter with a monster automatically opens up a turn-based battle that highlights each hero’s strengths. Win hidden items on a dark field, but stay out of the boss monster’s way. Try your hand in the infinite dungeon and earn even bigger rewards. More battles to win and more monsters to defeat! ⚔️

A sneak peek of our new battlefield

The Mercenaries

Crypto Sword & Magic is bringing in a new mercenary system. To enter into battle with a 4-person party, you will need three other mercenaries besides your character. Each player can register their hero as a mercenary, and each hero can work as a mercenary for other parties. The spoils from each battle are split according to the player and mercenaries’ contributions. A good hero could collect spoils from any battle even while the player is resting.

The Equipment

Choose from a variety of weapons, defense armor, or accessories. There are many different classes and characteristics of equipment, and all are registered as non-fungible tokens on the EOS blockchain, owned and traded by the user. This is your chance to be invincible!

The Auction

Buy or sell equipment and pets through EOS. You can trade your battle prizes, pets, and heroes on the marketplace, and raise actual profits. 💰

We’ve taken a general overview of the new Crypto Sword & Magic. More details about each of the game systems, as well as the launch timeline, will be shared in upcoming posts.

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