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1. What’s the IOST DApp Incentive Project?

As an important member of the IOST community, TokenPocket plays 2 significant roles on the IOST ecosystem: the node and the wallet. We have the duty to make the contribution to all users who support us.

For accelerating the development of the Dapp ecosystem, TokenPocket team now release the IOST DApp incentive project, to encourage devs to participate in the community building.

  1. Operation Fund
  2. Advertising Fund

The 30% of the IOST Contribution Reward will directly put on the operation fund account: tpiostdapp, and we will provide an extra equivalent advertising fund which can be used on the ad service of TokenPocket.

  • TP SDK

TP SDK is an Android and iOS native SDK, the developers can use this SDK to pull up TokenPocket wallet and perform the token transfer, push action, login, etc actions.

2. Main Service of the Project

  • IOST Incentive Fund
  • Dapp Community Building
  • Oversea Dapp Localization
  • TP SDK Integrate Services
  • Free IOST Accounts Support
  • All Channel Promotion Support

3. How to Apply the IOST Incentive Fund

It’s open to all dapp developers, and please contact us before the fund runs out.

We also welcome IOST nodes, institutions and media sponsor to the fund and provide the promotional support, for the better development of the IOST community.

  1. Fill the form on
  2. Review by TokenPocket Team
  3. Distribute the fund

4. How We Use the IOST Contribution Reward?

50%:Return to the voters

30%:Put on the Incentive Project

20%:Hold by TokenPocket team

Start your journey of discovery

  1. Download TokenPocket on
  2. Go to [Discover] > [DApps]

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