It’s Easy! Here is How You List a Token on Uniswap.

Censorship resistance is one of the most vital characteristics of Uniswap, which means that there is no barrier when a user desires to list a token on it.

Censorship resistance is rare among even decentralized exchanges, as although they won’t charge for listing a token, the user will still have to submit an application and get approval from the operations team to get his or her token listed. However, with Uniswap, you don’t have to go through these processes.

Today, we are gonna show you how to list a token on Uniswap with TokenPocket.

  1. Tap on Discover in TokenPocket and select Uniswap in Recommendation section, or search for Uniswap on top directly.

2. Select Pool in Uniswap and tap on +Creat Pool. Create a new trading pair with ETH by selecting a second token.

3. Put the contract address and the token name, information, and amount will be automatically detected. Tap on the new token and create the pool.

4. Attention! Users need to provide liquidity by injecting initial funds into the trading pair when setting up the initial pool. After the setting, tap on Approve and finish the wallet permission.

5. You will see Pending on the top right of the page and the transaction details if you tap on it. Upon the completion of the transaction, select Supply to transfer ETH and the new token into the pool. Tap on Create Pool & Supply to finish the last step — wallet permission.

6. What needs to be addressed here is that the final on-chain migration process will consume a relatively big amount of Gas fees. After the completion of listing, you can search for the contract and start swapping in Uniswap.


The tutorial aims to show users the unique characteristic of Uniswap — censorship resistance, by demonstrating the whole process with pictures and instruction. We do not intend to guide users to launch their own tokens, list a token, or do any evil.



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