MDEX x TokenPocket AirDrop!

Totally $30,000 MDX For Grabs!

2 min readApr 9, 2021

We are very happy to announce that Token Pocket is teaming up with MDEX for the Binance Smart Chain version launch to give our communities a fantastic opportunity to grab airdrop!

Add Liquidity On MDEX To Get Airdrop

Event Duration: From 12:00 PM (UTC) April 9th to 12:00 PM (UTC) April 23th

All you have to do:

  1. First, follow both @Mdextech & @TokenPocket_TP on Twitter, and join the MDEX Telegram community;
  2. Retweet this activity twitter and @3 friends;
  3. Add liquidity for either WBNB-USDT or MDX-BUSD trading pairs.
  4. Fill in this:


The first 2000 users who add liquidity will receive $15 MDX as an airdrop.


1. All TP users can participate, but every device or ID will be counted only once.

2. For users participating in the event, the address asset during the event shall not be less than 0.1 BNB.

3. Event rewards are only for new users of MDEX (liquidity and trading have not been added to MDEX).

4. Within 14 days after the event ends, MDEX will complete the reward distribution.

About MDEX

MDEX is a decentralized transaction protocol based on an automated market-making mechanism. It aims to integrate the distinct advantages of a variety of basic public chains to create a high-performance compound DEX ecosystem. Using the “dual mining incentives through liquid mining and transaction mining”, it maximizes the returns for participants. The transaction fee charged is utilized to repurchase and burn the platform token, which contributes to materializing a self-driving closed loop for value capture.

MDEX is committed to building a DeFi platform that integrates DEX, IMO, and DAO. In doing so, it seeks to provide one-stop liquidity services for more high-quality assets, and at the same time offers users a more secure, reliable, diverse, and cost-effective transaction experience.

About Token Pocket

TokenPocket is the world’s leading decentralized wallet, which supports mainstream public chains including BTC, ETH, BSC, HECO, TRX, OKT, Polkadot, Kusama, EOS, etc., and has provided reliable services for millions of users around the world. The number of monthly active users exceeds 1 million and the users of TokenPocket are located in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Overseas users account for more than 60% of the total number of users.




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