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To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, TokenPocket is now launching the special campaign with the grand prize of $2,888(valued), between SEP 12 to SEP 18 (UTC+8).

The moon with its round light, it seeks its playmates on the ground, join the campaign to play games and redeem tokens tonight!


Rules of the Campaign

Complete the mission and claim the MOON token, which can use to redeem the tokens below:

  • BetHash:100,000 HPOINT
  • Dice: 450,000 DICE
  • BLUEBET: 125 EOS
  • Newdex: 200,000 NDX
  • SKR EOS: 1,000,000 SKR
  • BigGame: 12,000 BG
  • BTEX: 25,000 BT
  • EOS Sanguo: 100,000 TKT
  • XPET: 20,000 XPC
  • Poker Pro: 50,000 BAP
  • Xdapp: 30,000 XDAP
  • Mango Dice: 5,000,000 MANGO

All tokens are limited, and the remaining MOON tokens are redeemable in the next year. TokenPocket foundation reserves the right for final interpretation.

How to Participate

First, download TokenPocket from App Store or Google Play, and Import your EOS account or create a new on it, then enter the special campaign on the [Discover] page.

Special Notes

For the lucky winners of the Twitter campaign, you can choose to keep the MOON tokens or redeem it manually with our admin.

Start your journey of discovery

  1. Download TokenPocket from App Store or Google Play
  2. Go to [Discover] > [DApps]

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