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What’s the MiniWallet?

MiniWallet, the first built-in wallet(SDK) for DApp, provides a better user experience by performing specific actions without leaving the game application.

We believe that most of the actions that don’t involve assets can be executed inside the game.

How does it work?

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Let’s take the EOS Dynasty as an example when you start a 「March」 or「Melt」 an item on the common mode, it will pull up the wallet app every time to authorize the actions, which is annoying.

After enabling MiniWalet permission binding on [Menu] > [Setting] in the EOS Dynasty, all the actions mentioned above can be executed without the pop-up window, which comes with a better experience.

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All the permissions will be shown on the authorization page which users can customize it. Only the actions involving assets need to wake up the wallet app for authorization.

About the App Permissions

Owner and Active are two default permissions that come with a new account. The application permissions are built on the mechanism that users can add specific permissions to perform specific actions, which is designed by EOSIO.

It depends on the demand of the dapp, and the risk-type operations like transfer, change permissions and etc will be filtered by TokenPocket, thus it only works with the specify dapp contract and no other extra actions.

Start your journey of discovery

  1. Download TokenPocket from App Store or Google Play
  2. Go to [Discover] > [DApps]

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