Pixel Master has launched on TokenPocket

Pixel Master has launched on TokenPocket.

Imaginative DApp for EOS

The Game Pixel Master is so imaginative, you can draw whatever you like on the white board.
Like Super Mario, logo, words and even tell a girl that you love her.
Let’s have a look at what players draw.

Image for post
Image for post

Can’t wait to play it

Now you can play it with two methods.

  1. Download TokenPocket from AppStore : this link and you can play it anywhere, anytime you want with you smart phone.
  2. Go to this link,login and play

How to play on TokenPocket?

  1. Download it from AppStore.
  2. Find the “Pixels Master” on Discover
  3. I have made a simple video for you. Have a look.

What can it be finally?

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