Recommended Dapp to TokenPocket for more than 100 EOS awards.

As we know, TokenPocket has more than 40 Dapps in its Dapp store and continues to lead in all EOS wallets. With the support of developers and users, Dapp’s ecology is growing.

After launched the universal SDK, supports the SimpleWallet protocol, and be compatible with Scatter, TokenPocket greatly promoted the development of Dapp. Now all Dapps can be opened directly in the Dapp browser of TP wallet.

To enhance the user’s sense of participation and jointly welcome the arrival of the blockchain 3.0, we launched this award-winning event. Simply submit the Dapp that has not been included to us and complete the relevant operations. After the approval, you can receive the EOS reward.

How to participate

If the Dapp is not registered, then:

a. Provide the URL of the Dapp

b. Provide the proof of playable of each action (picture or screen recording)

c. Publish the Dapp tutorial in the community

If the Dapp is registered, then:

d. Publish the Dapp tutorial in the community

Attractive reward

1. The first one that both meets the a & b conditions at the same time, will get 1 EOS reward.

2. When meeting the a、b and c conditions, will get up to 5 EOS reward.

3. Meeting the d condition will get up to 4 EOS reward.

4. The same Dapp reward up to 3 people.

Testing method

Paste the Dapp’s URL in the Dapp browser, then test it.

Path: Discover > Dapp Store > Dapp Browser

The list below is the Dapp that has been included in the TP.


Those Dapps which already in Dapp Store are not participating in this event.

Path: Discover > Dapp Store > More

Image for post
Image for post

In addition, by helping us to contact with the developers with quality Dapp, you can also receive generous reward when we successfully roll it out in Dapp store.

Submission method

Official email:


Official customer services: See the QR code below

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* Remarks
Recruit: Refers to the Dapp in the Github list, as detailed in the link above. “Inclusion” does not mean “online”, “online” refers to the Dapp in Dapp Store list of TP wallet.

Playable: refers to the Dapp that is not included in the Dapp Store of TP wallet. Which can be opened on the Dapp browser and all the functions are available.

Communities: including communities (Steemit, Medium, and Reddit, etc.), social media (Facebook、Twitter, etc.) and groups (such as telegram and Google+), the higher the reading volume, the higher the reward.

Tutorial: Includes the operation on the TP wallet and the introduction of the Dapp. Text, images, and videos are all accetable. The higher the quality, the higher the reward.

Reward: The total prize pool is 100 EOS.
All rights reserved to TokenPocket

Event date: 2018.09.06–10.06

We sincerely invite you to join our overseas partner program, whose main responsibility is to help us promote related business. for more detail, please contact us(


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