Register your first BOS account with TokenPocket in one minute

Before sync please make sure that you have updated to the latest version of TokenPocket.

About BOS

The goal of BOS(Business Operating System) is to build an EOSIO ecosystem that supports more DApp and solve real-world problems using blockchain technology.

From the perspective of the evolution of the blockchain, in addition to being the preferred base chain of DApp, BOS can also serve as a circulation chain for various heterogeneous chain coins or tokens, and as a free port in the blockchain world. BOS comes from the community and will develop better with a joint effort by the community.

Get your first BOS account

Firstly Import your EOS account on TokenPocket, and tap the [Add wallet] button in the top right corner on the Assets page, chose [BOS] on Blockchain Foundation.

And tap [One-Key Sync]on the [Create Account] page, lastly tap [Start Syncing] to register your first BOS account.

Before sync please make sure that you have updated to the latest version of TokenPocket

About the One-key Sync

Snapshot took on EOS Mainnet at 2019-Jan-01, 09:50 UTC+0, about block height #35072000, so those accounts not created before this time, will not have related accounts in BOS

  • For non-msig accounts, calculate the balance of an EOS Mainnet account on BOS Mainnet, 20.0000 EOS on EOS Mainnet can get 1.0000 BOS on BOS Mainnet and the accounts whose balance is smaller than 0.5000 BOS will be given at least 0.5000 BOS;
  • For msig accounts, the balances are calculated as the same as non-msig accounts, and we do an auth mapping of the permissions.
  • Generate a random name for EOS Mainnet accounts;
  • Accounts are created with: 0.3000 BOS ram, 0.1000 BOS NET and 0.1000 BOS CPU on BOS Mainnet

Start your journey of discovery

  1. Download TokenPocket from App Store or Google Play
  2. Go to [Discover] > [DApps]

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