September 2020 | TokenPocket Monthly Report

The TokenPocket report is a summary published on a monthly basis. Community members can refer to this report to know about the development of the past month. TokenPocket has had a splendid month in September 2020 and would like to share it with you all.

Development Updates

Sep 8th Optimization for multiple functions

The latest version of Android: 1.0.9

iOS Pro/Plus version number: 3.1.5 (59)


1. Added EOS multi-resource account creation function

2. Added DeFi market status share function

3. Added a reminder function when Bandwidth, Energy, and TRX are insufficient

4. Cloud wallet portal adjustment

5. Smooth mode switched on by default for new EOS account

Sep 20th Support Binance Smart chain

Android version:1.1.0

iOS Pro/Plus/ version: 3.1.2(60)


1. Support Binance Smart Chain

2. Support Binance Smart Chain DeFi ecosystem

3. Support Binance smart chain wallet creation

4. Support BNB and BEP20 Token storage and transfer

5. The content of the recommended section is adjusted according to the differences in the underlying market conditions

Sep 28th DeFi Market launches JustSwap Section

Android version:1.1.1

iOS Pro/Plus/ version: 3.1.2(61) plus 3.1.3(61)


1. Market: JustSwap section added to DeFi section

2. The entire underlying system supports mnemonic import and password reset

3. BSC and Ethereum bottom layer errors optimization

4. DApp bug repair & User experience optimization

5. Support Android 11

6. UI optimization

Community News

● On September 6, TPT participated in a special event for MXC deposit & voting.

● On September 6, DMD Diamond passed the Slowmist security audit and completed the multi-signature contract. TokenPocket is one of the multi-signature participants.

● On September 10, Organix announced the integration of Chainlink as an oracle machine.

● On September 11, TokenPocket wallet added support for receiving UNI token airdrops.

● On September 14, the TokenPocket Foundation officially opened the IOST chain TPT exchange to support the development of the IOST DeFi ecosystem. Users can use the TPT on the EOS public chain to transfer TPT assets to IOST in the form of 1:1 exchange.

● On September 15, according to community feedback, scammers have recently appeared in some communities, trying to impersonate TokenPocket official personnel, trying to collect user fees and ask for assets for reasons such as project listing. TokenPocket officially issued a statement reminding community users to beware of phishing scams that impersonate official TokenPocket personnel.

● The TokenPocket Foundation completed the 17th round of TPT Buyback & Burn Program, totaling 5,518,645 tokens. According to the statistics of the TokenPocket Foundation, the total income of the TP wallet in September 2020 is 22,957.56 EOS, and the funds used for buyback are 5,739.39 EOS, which is equivalent to 5,518,645 TPT. This amount will be burnt later on at the following address: tpburningacc. TPT’s multi-chain token model has been successfully implemented on multiple public chains such as Ethereum, TRON, and IOST.

With the diversification of the income sources and in order to make the income summary more intuitive and simplify the calculations, the TokenPocket Foundation will begin to calculate the income in USDT in October and use 25% of the income to buy back TPT.

● At 20:00 on September 21, OKEx has started the TPT deposit event. In order to encourage TPT holders to actively participate in voting for listing, the TokenPocket Foundation launched a deposit & get rewards activity.

● At 23:00 on September 30th, Organix, a DeFi project incubated by TokenPocket, launched the first round of testing on the jungle testnet.

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Attendance Events

On September 11, TokenPocket CMO Marcus was invited as a guest to participate in the China-Korea Blockchain Week live exchange.

At 20:00 on September 16th, TokenPocket and the Blockchain Minority Group hosted an open course on DeFi: How to participate in the DeFi “gold rush” for novices. Chen Da, co-founder & CTO of TokenPocket, joined as a guest and shared insights.

On September 22, Beep News invited TokenPocket CEO Fu Pan to evaluate Synthetix. At the same time, the project Organix incubated by TokenPocket also launched the testnet at the end of September.

At 19:00 on September 23, TokenPocket co-founder & CTO Chen Da attended the “NFT Value Storm” live broadcast hosted by Guowei Finance as a special guest.

TPT Market


Opening price:0.000549 EOS

All-time high:0.001098 EOS

Circulating cap:$5.91 million

All-time transaction volume:$41.78 million

2. ERC-20 TPT

Opening price:0.0019 USDT

All-time high:0.0023 USDT

Circulating cap:$167,149.20

All-time transaction volume:$10.65 million

OGX Market (Newdex)

Opening price:0.0338 EOS

All-time high:0.01869 EOS

Circulating cap:$20.89 million

All-time transaction volume:$2.238 million

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