The fourth round repurchase and burn program of TPT has completed

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On SEP 10, TokenPocket foundation has repurchased & burned 10,269,505 TPT (valued $16,759.83)

The valued of the repurchased TPT

  • May: $4,843
  • June: $7,153
  • July: $11,930
  • August: $16,759

Current price: $3.85/EOS

TPT burn address: tpburningacc

About the TPT burning Program

TokenPocket Foundation will execute the program from June 1 officially — using 25% of the revenue last month to repurchase TPT and burn it.

Our income includes advertising, marketing, and etc. With the expansion of TokenPocket’s business scope, the income source is also increasingly diversified. Except for EOS chain, the income on TRX and IOST chain increased by 120% in August.


For the healthy development of the TPT ecosystem, the TokenPocket Foundation will repurchase TPT on a random time instead of a fixed time from September and will transfer the repurchase TPT to the repurchase address by the 10th of next month.

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