The Game Theme Song Contest | Emanate X Crypto Legends

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The contest starts from Oct 29th, 12:00 AM UTC to Nov 11th, 12:00 AM UTC. The final winners will be announced on Nov 13 on TokenPocket’s official Twitter.

How To Join The Contest?

  1. Sign up an account on Emanate and have a deep look at the Crypto Legends.
  2. Submit your original song on Emanate Discord and share it on Twitter, please @TokenPocket_TP & @EmanateOfficial with #ThemeSongContest

The Winners' Reward

  • English Theme Song = 5,000 EMT
  • Chinese Theme Song = 5,000 EMT
  • Korean Theme Song = 5,000 EMT

What’s the Emanate

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Emanate is for artists

Emanate is for artists, by artists. A technology network and music community designed to help lift the quality of your work, collaborate more, get ripped off less and get paid instantly when your music is played.

A tokenized network

Emanate puts power into the hands of our users! That means as an Emanate user, the (EMT) token is required to access the full power of Emanate. It’s like a trust bond between community members and it’s like owning a bit of the network for yourself!

What’s the Crypto Legends

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A Blockchain eSports TCG

Crypto Legends is an EOS based strategy TCG with 1038 types of cards, and it’s fun to collect. Players can play strategic games through unit placement.

Deck System

You can set up separate battle decks for each class. Win the battle by building the battle deck according to your strategy and changing the deck according to your opponent.

Battle with Full 3d Unit

Every card you own is fully 3d and you can see the immersive battle in the game.

Start your journey of discovery

  1. Download TokenPocket from App Store or Google Play
  2. Go to [Discover] > [DApps]

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