Time to Dapp | Blocksite & Crypto Dynasty

Written by Oteme Eghele

Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful week with Time to Dapps, for those just joining us today, Time to Dapps is a weekly writeup that looks into some of the of Dapps currently making waves in this Blockchain industry with regards to gaming, financial, staking, and others. If they are making waves then definitely we got them covered.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that gives you direct access to the blockchain and these Dapps.

Starting today list is Blocksite.


Like many others, I too find it somewhat difficult to keep up with Dapps, with different devs working day and night to bring in alternatives as opposed to our centralized applications, the Dapp industry is becoming somewhat hard to keep up with and platforms like Blocksite is the go-to when such happens.

From popular to mining Dapps, Blocksite have you covered with a well-detailed writeup of what these Dapps are about, users can easily access them via one click.

Gone are the days when you had to access multiple pages in other to locate your Dapp preferences.

To access Blocksite follow the steps below


  • Download TokenPocket wallet from PlayStore or AppStore depending on your mobile OS
  • Click on discover from your asset page and search for Blocksite via the search menu or simply locate the new section and scroll down.

Crypto Dynasty

Crypto Dynasty kicks off with its second presale with mouth-watering discounts on prices of game items.

For those joining us today or probably not familiar with the game Crypto Dynasty, it is an RPG cross PVP game built on the EOS and Ethereum network that offers a play to earn the Crypto atmosphere.

Mounts, item crafting, boss raid, and arena matches, you name it and Crypto Dynasty have you covered, currently one of the most ranked games in the Blockchain industry, Crypto Dynasty has secured top spots in not one but multiple occasions on various Dapps stats platform and with an ever-growing community, the team saw it fit to kick start the adventure on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The first presale went great and the majority of the items were sold out successfully, the second presale is live, follow the steps below to get started


  • Download the latest version of TokenPocket wallet from PlayStore or AppStore depending on your mobile preference
  • Import or create an Ethereum account and fund your account with a minimum of 0.04 ETH if you wish to take part in this presale
  • Search for Crypto Dynasty via the search icon and click to access

The second presale will be available for the next 8days and their discounts intact.

This is all for today and meets you guys at the same time next week, stay safe and mask-on.

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