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Hello and welcome to another edition of Time to Dapps, Time to Dapps is a weekly write-up that enlightens users about the happenings on the blockchain with regards to recently or currently developed Dapp which provides opportunities for individuals to earn passive incomes. With the economy currently facing one of its worse times in history, Dapps might just be the solution and probably a full-time job opportunity to crypto enthusiasts and users outside the blockchain space.

Dapps are short for Decentralized applications that are built on the blockchain to offer one or more services be it on finances, education or even entertainment, they cut across different genres and different use cases.

Over the years, the numbers of Dapps have increased, moving from hundreds to now thousands and with each blockchain having one or more.

TokenPocket is a wallet that provides access to more than 2k Dapps currently available, and today we are going to look into some of the top Dapps you can interact with on TokenPocket.

Chain Clash

Built on the EOS blockchain, users are able to fight with some of the most noticeable individuals avatar surrounding the blockchain space with the use of a pre-configured fight style. The goal is to lead your clan to be the best.

Chain Clash launched its public beta a few days back and already supported on most EOS.

Steps to join the battle

  • Download TokenPocket app from https://www.tokenpocket.pro/
  • Create or import an EOS account using the different methods available
  • Click on discover menu from EOS asset page
  • Scroll to the new section and click on Chain Clash
  • Log in and select your favorite blockchain, the first character is free and others cost a certain amount of EOS

To make Chain clash more fun to play, they launched their open beta with 500 EOS giveaway which you can read up here https://twitter.com/chainclash/status/1247561494511923200?s=20

Knight Story

Knight Story is an RPG cross-blockchain game built on ETH, TRX, and EOS. At the moment, the game is currently available on Ethereum and Tron blockchain.

Knight Story came to live some months backs and dominated the gaming Dapp section on most Dapp ranking platform for a while and a good number of daily users was recorded.

After successfully launching on the Ethereum blockchain, the dev team saw it fit to start the TRX version and glad to say, this version is live and can be played on Knight story today.

The TRX launch came with other benefits, Knight Story is currently hosting a competition where top players will earn ETH and TRX cryptocurrency

You can read about the event here https://twitter.com/knightstory_tw/status/1245978179744849920?s=20

Knight Story runs a game where the economic section is totally different from in-game, players can easily buy and sell earned game items like NFTs via supported wallet like TokenPocket, this can be achieved by linking your Ethereum account with Knightstory and access Knightstory page via TokenPocket Dapp section.

Watch tutorials about Knight Story here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgwZMVxiRjuFH3aFzgIKSVA

Art Gallery

NFT’s are no longer limited to just gaming genre, it now applies to different types of platforms and one of such is Art

PixEOS is built on the EOS blockchain where individuals can purchase limited editions of NFT’s art.

You can access Art Gallery via TokenPocket using the steps below

  • Download TokenPocket app from https://www.tokenpocket.pro/
  • Create or import an EOS account using the different methods available
  • Click on discover menu from EOS asset page
  • Navigate to New section on Dapp menu and click on Art Gallery

Start your journey of discovery

  1. Download TokenPocket from App Store or Google Play
  2. Go to [Discover] > [TPExchange]

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