Time to DApps | A list of the trending and popular DApps

Hello guys, it’s Friday and you already know what it is, Time to Dapps

If this is your first time joining us, I say a big welcome to you all out there and I do hope that this article meets your expectations in every way.

For those into trading or probably the hodl gang just as myself, I am going to assume you are not in the best of moods with everything that has been going on around cryptocurrency prices, many call it the end of BTC and alt-coin, I see it as another avenue to buy BTC and alt-coins for cheap, call it the black Friday of cryptocurrency. That said, this is not financial advice and users should always do their own research before investing in cryptocurrency or any digital coin.

While the market is fluctuating, let’s take a dive into the Dapp world and see what Dapp made the top spot this week and also how to access them via our favorite wallet, TokenPocket


Coming out first on the list today is MakerDAO, ever thought of making profits from cryptocurrency without actually trading? Well, MakerDAO got you covered, with the help of stable coins, MakerDAO provides collateral loans to users, and suppliers are given good APR to incentivize them for storing their asset on this platform. MakerDAO is built on the Ethereum and requires an Ethereum supported wallet to access it.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that gives access to various types of cryptocurrency and Ethereum being among the supported coins. While it allows storing of Ethereum and its tokens, it also allows access of Dapps built on the Ethereum chain via the discover mode. To access MakerDAO, click on discover, locate the Ethereum section and click on MakerDAO to get started with your investment plan.

Poloni DEX

2nd on the list today is Poloni DEX. Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange seems to be the new thing as regards to cryptocurrency trading, unlike Centralized exchange that is governed by a system, Decentralized exchanges are a little different. While centralized exchange requires users filling different types of information, names, and addresses, Decentralized exchange is different in the sense that the only requirement is owning a private key linked to the blockchain such exchange is built on.

Poloni DEX is built on the Tron exchange and thus requires users to have a Tron wallet, glad to tell you TokenPocket supports Tron wallet and also allows direct access to Poloni DEX platform via the discover menu. To access Poloni DEX, create or import a Tron wallet, click on discover menu from the asset page, locate the Tron section and click Poloni DEX to get started with your trading.

ChainZ Arena

Last on the list for this week is ChainZ Arena, a blockchain-based game currently released in its alpha stage and from what we have seen so far, this is a game-changer, nothing like you have experienced prior to now and after playing several blockchain-based games, this I can tell you, ChainZ Arena worth every second you spend in it, fun, addictive and incentivize, expect a game-changer when it officially launches to the public.

While the alpha stage is limited to just 300 users, TokenPocket is gifting out free trial tokens to 20 lucky users who which to participate in this alpha stage, you can apply for this via the tweet on this page https://twitter.com/TokenPocket_TP/status/1238018711199465473

This is all for this week and I hope to catch you guys come next Friday.

Written by Oteme Eghele

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