Time to DApps | AAVE & Synthetix

Editor: Oteme Eghele

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely weekend with Time to Dapps and as usual we bring you the latest trending DApps surrounding the Blockchain space and process on how to get started with them via TokenPocket wallet.

For those just joining us, TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet and a DApp browser that allows users to easily surf their favorite DApps from the comfort of their home without the need to import and export private keys continuously.

Today’s writeup will be focused on Defi DApps and ways to access this new and trending platform which is currently taking the Blockchain space on a ride.


Starting today’s writeup is Aave an open-source noncustodial protocol built on the blockchain for lending and borrowing of assets with the incentives for users to earn interest when they perform any of the above use.

In an Era where Defi is the new goto for investing on long/short run, many platform do stand out and Aave is one of such, with mind-blowing ROI users are bound to keep coming back for more, combine with a flexible exit function this Defi is here to take it all and leave no survivals.

Getting Started

Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, Aave requires users to have Ethereum based account and by this, I mean a mainnet account where users have sole control of their private key.

To access Aave, you need a web3 wallet that provides easy links with DApp and wallet interface and this is exactly what TokenPocket offers.

Download TokenPocket from Appstore or Playstore depending on your device, create or import an Ethereum wallet and click on discover from the asset page.

Locate Aave from the list of DApps by simply navigating the Defi DApp section or searching on the name.


Just like Aave, Synthetix is a decentralized Defi Dapps that allows users to easily trade across different coins/tokens and also comes with the function for users to easily take loan from the Dapp with a good ROI for both users who lend and takes loan.

Just like Aave, Synthetix is taking the blockchain world with all force and gaining adoption from the different sectors for those looking for steady means to earn without risking their life savings.

Built on the Ethereum Blockchain it requires an ETH web3 based wallet that allows users to easily link and manage their crypto on the go.

TokenPocket supports exactly this and users can easily connect their account to Synthetix with just a click of a button from your end.

Synthetix can be located on Defi sector of TokenPocket Dapp page or by simply accessing the page below but you need to have TokenPocket installed before doing this.

As usual, the above is not financial advice but simply educative to enlighten the users on the happenings surrounding the crypto space.



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