Time to Dapps | Chainz Arena, Cryptogon, and Crypto Dynasty

3 min readMay 29, 2020


Written by Oteme Eghele

Hi guys and welcome to another week with Time to Dapps and as usual, we are going to look into some of the promising Dapps that made significant changes this past week with regards to update, upcoming events, ongoing events, and others.

Starting today’s list is ChainZ Arena and I must say, this team keeps creating fun and engaging updates bend on keeping the users coming for more.


ChainZ Arena is a multi-blockchain game which uses the EOS, ETH, and Tron network to carry out in-game activities such as sales and purchase of game characters and different types of equipment.

After its successful launch a few months back, the game has seen a high number of daily users as well as daily transactions across the different supported chains, with a steady increase in its community, the team always find ways to keep their users involved at every section which is definitely a technique other blockchain-based games need to learn.

Their recent update which came alive this week creates a system where users now have a balance playfield and winning is totally dependent on how much you understand the game and formation arrangement.

Unlike betting or rather gambling which is usually based on luck, ChainZ Arena created something different and game-winning is not based on luck but rather a player’s formation and arrangement.

Introducing Cryptogon

On Cryptogon, Players choose any Red quality heroes with max stats to battle in a PVP setting.

Cryptogon is located in the “Arena” section of ChainZ Arena game.

Read more about the latest update here https://medium.com/@ChainZArena/new-feature-cryptogon-is-now-live-184d32d1fb53

Steps to access ChainZ Arena via TokenPocket

TokenPocket is a multi-chain noncustodial wallet that allows users to store ETH, EOS, and many other cryptocurrencies. Also, TokenPocket is a DApp browser that allows users to instantly access their favorite platform on the go.

  • Download TokenPocket wallet from PlayStore or Appstore, depending on your OS
  • Create or import a blockchain supported account on ChainZ Arena which is EOS, TRX, or Eth
  • Click on discover menu from the asset page
  • Locate ChainZ Arena and launch the DApp
  • Register or signup to gain access to the game ChainZ Arena.

Next on today’s list is Crypto Dynasty

Crypto Dynasty

After successfully dominating the EOS blockchain, one of our favorite blockchain-based game is coming to the Ethereum blockchain.

Popularly known as EOS Dynasty is coming to the Ethereum network with its popular play to earn feature but this time it is known as Crypto Dynasty.

Crypto Dynasty is an RPG, PVP blockchain-based game built on the EOS and ETH network which allows players to battle different raids of monsters and also participate in crafting events with the aim of earning different incentives which includes but not limited to the game token called TKT and others.

After successfully creating a good gaming economy on the EOS network, Crypto Dynasty is coming to Ethereum and currently hosting its first pre-sale.

To take part in this pre-sale, follow the below instructions

  • Download TokenPocket wallet here https://www.tokenpocket.pro
  • Create or import an Ethereum account
  • Click on discover menu on the asset page
  • Navigate to Crypto Dynasty and launch the DApp

The pre-sale is currently hosting different types of items and also various bonuses attached to the pre-sale event.

Disclaimer-: The above is educational and entertainment purposes, users are always advised to do their own research before investing in any digital or offline platform

This is it for this week, the same time next week.




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