Time to Dapps | Coin Voyage & Rabbids Token

Editor: Oteme Eghele

Hi guys and welcome to another week with Time To Dapps, a weekly writeup that looks into some noticeable features surrounding the DApp community, new and existing ones.

On today’s Dapp review we are going to take a quick peek behind the IOST community and see what is currently been developed there.

A few months back, the IOST community made the announcement of their IRC tokens which acts like the ERC-721 token aka NFT’s, IOST users will be able to port and hold digital assets within the blockchain and from all what we have seen and observe from the Ethereum Blockchain, this definitely is a game-changer to the IOST community.

Not long after the announcement, 3 days back IOST made an announcement of an upcoming game that will be built on the IOST Blockchain which also supports the multichain feature, IOST, and ETH with promises of gameplay like you have never seen.

Coin Voyage

Coin Voyage is a free to play cross-blockchain game that uses the ETH and IOST network allowing players to take control of legendary navigators with the aim of conquering unknown islands and all of its riches.

Players will be able to unlock different in-game equipment that will make voyaging fun and interesting, in-game gold will mostly be used for upgrading equipment and what have you.

Built on the IOST network means that play to earn feature is not far of, players will be able to earn from selling rare game characters to creating a stable market that is not flooded by any equipment or game item you claimed.

A set date is yet to broadcast but users can easily read more about Coin Voyage here https://link.medium.com/p9Gzyv0Ps7

Next on today’s list is Rabbids Token

Rabbids Token

Looking for a fun means to help out then Rabbids Token is definitely your go-to.

Rabbids Token is more of a charity Dapp built on the Ethereum Blockchain that uses POPO (Proof of Plausible Ownership) as a form of incentive for every user.

Unlike most games built on the Blockchain which creates a form of play to earn environmental, Rabbids Token is a little bit different as users are not playing to earn but simply for fun, and while doing so, the earnings generated are sent to UNICEF.

The sole aim is to nab or rather purchase Rabbids Token from pre-existing owners, Rabbids claimed to have a unique feature of changing their default style to another after claimed and while yours can be nab anytime, the devs created a form of incentive something to show everyone that you donated to a just cause using the POPO system.

To learn more about the Rabbids Token simply check the link here https://rabbidstoken.ubisoft.com/

This is all for today, see you guys the same time next week and till then stay safe and mask-on.

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