Time to Dapps | Hash Rush & Bitcoin Hodler

Editor: Oteme Eghele

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely weekend, as usual, we bring to you some of the trending DApps that caught our attention this week and also something to keep you occupied as you step into this weekend.

Time to Dapps is centered on keeping our readers informed about the DApp sphere with trending DApps and ways to join these different types of platforms.

Starting this week is Hash Rush

Hash Rush

The standard is starting to increase as newer games are been developed each day creating a not just play to earn the environment but rather competitive, action-packed, and all you can think of from a console-based or PC game.

Hash Rush has been in development for more than a year as different changes was been made to bring the best of gaming and I must say they did not disappoint as they launched in beta stage.

Hash Rush is an online fantasy/sci-fi game based on a planetary system where players try to build back civilization after it was weakened by a crystal storm.

You fight your way through different waves of monsters while bringing light to the once doomed planet, and your arsenal is made up of different customizable characters and weapons crafting which makes gameplay more tasking and adventurous.

While still in its beta stage, devs are taking suggestion and the implementation of newer features might be introduced sometime in the future while the goal of creating a play to earn system is in full mode.

Game is already playable and you can follow them on Twitter to get the latest gist or take part in any ongoing event https://twitter.com/PlayHashRush

Bitcoin Hodler

Speaking of play to earn, Bitcoin Hodler comes to mind as it brings back classic 2D game style with the incentive of players earning Enjin backed items as they play along.

Bitcoin Hodler brings live price action while gaming, taking the price of Bitcoin and other altcoins into consideration and bringing to live emotional experience you would get when watching or monitoring coin prices.

While it offers these features, it also educates individuals of different types of blockchain and their coins currently in circulation as users are able to unlock different coins type while the game progresses.

Regards to play to earn system, it offers different events with the aim of players been able to secure multiverse NFT’s that can be traded on platforms like Enjin market or Opensea or if the user prefers on hodling that option is still available and only changeable when such user decides to sell, gift or burn.

Bitcoin hodler is currently playable on Android devices and others as well.

So if you are looking to burn some time, Bitcoin hodler is definitely one way to go.

This is all for this week and until some other time, stay safe and mask-on.

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