Time to DApps | League of kingdoms and Uniswap V2

Hi guys and welcome to another week with Time to Dapps, a weekly writeup that enlightens users about the happenings and recent development in the Dapp world with respect to TokenPocket and steps on how to get started with these Dapps.

Familiar with mobile game sieging with the likes of Clash of clans and others? Well, glad to tell you something similar is coming to the blockchain and you definitely don’t want to miss out.

Coming up first today is League of kingdoms

League of kingdoms is a massively multiplayer online game built on the Ethereum Blockchain which provides various forms of incentives to its players.

Unlike our regular MMO based game where money generated from game item sales is directed to game devs, League of kingdoms is creating an alt world that allows players to earn by simply interacting with this virtual world.

Players will be able to earn from various types of events and also sales of different in-game items in forms of NFT to other users.

While League of kingdoms is still in development state, they recently announced their very 1st land presale with no exact date yet but as usual, there have been talks that this land sale will be live before the end of this month or early next month.

To make this joyous occasion all the more interesting, the announcement came with a small event which you can locate here https://twitter.com/LeagueKingdoms/status/1262727561496256512

Uniswap V2 on mobile now

Just when we thought version 1 had it all, the team behind the Uniswap platform went on to make a series of improvements and came about with Uniswap v2 an improvement and also a little bit of iteration to the previous version.

Uniswap is a protocol for trading and automated liquidity provision on Ethereum.

Some of the noticeable feature Uniswap v2 came with are

  • ERC20 / ERC20 Pairs, a medium that allows users to easily trade with different Ethereum based tokens and not limited to a single token paired with Ethereum, this creates a faster means to exchange one token to another and escape the need to swap to Eth first and then to your desired token
  • Flash Swaps, are you familiar with arbitrage trading? Uniswap v2 allows users to easily trade within seconds with the aim of generating profit however small or big it is.

You can read about Uniswap v2 here https://uniswap.org/blog/uniswap-v2/

A to Z explanation of everything IOST

First of all, a big congrats to IOST and TokenPocket community on this great achievement.

As a crypto user, the hardest part of this workspace is explaining to a newbie how things work, it is tiring and exhausting and most times, you end up not passing the message across after hours of lectures.

TokenPocket and IOST saw the need to simplify the working principle of IOST to the community at large and not just the crypto community but to everyone with the only requirement to read.

IOST wallet 101 is free to read ebook which explains the IOST network with ways on how to open and set up an IOST account to an in-depth explanation of how things work on this magnificent blockchain.

Available here https://tp-lab.github.io/BlockchainGuide-IOST-EN/#/

Also please leave a comment behind on your findings or simply a remark about the book

This is it for today, the same time next week, stay safe and mask-on



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