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Editor: Oteme Eghele

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely week with Time to Dapps and as usual, we bring you the latest happenings surrounding the Blockchain space with regards to DApps and their usage.

Starting this week is League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms

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After weeks of coming into Beta, League of Kingdoms continues to gain mass adoption with a unique never before seen blockchain-based game style.

Blockchain-based games are known to be somewhat incentive-based wise with more effort going into the game economy than the actual gameplay thereby creating somewhat of a boring and not interesting environment.

Users are keener on earning rather than actually having fun and League of Kingdoms is here to change that.

After a successful land presale a few months back, the game launched in beta and man has it been fun all through, from Alliance creation to solo gameplay, users are sure to have fun at every corner and with a mix of blockchain technology, it creates somewhat of a perfect environment for gaming and earning.

Every new user starts from the infant stage with a level one castle and you build your way to the top by either farming for materials from monsters, the building of farms, or the more villain way looting from other players but be careful, this works both ways xD.

While the game might be all fun and interesting, the downside still remains, it took somewhat of the popular pay to win environment and users are sure to advance further when they decide to spend little or more cents on it but that said, the future sure looks bright for this Ethereum based game and I can’t wait to see the outcome when a mobile version is released.

While still in beta, you can interact with your game material such as land via the on-chain platform on TokenPocket by accessing the below page.


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While Defi continues to take the crypto space each day by creating an all-time high and setting the pace from other crypto projects, TokenPocket saw the need to add one of the most popular Defi currently available and that’s none other than COMP.

Defi is rumored to be the new banking platform as they create better incentives for users to lock/store their wealth and also provides good access and better security compared to any centralized platform.

With the above, defi continues to see a high increase in numbers of users as each day passes and COMP seems to be at the middle of it all

Read all about this addition here https://medium.com/@tokenpocket.gm/defi-on-tokenpocket-how-to-earn-comp-79a92fdd5ad5

This is all for this week, stay safe and mask-on.

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